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Whether you are seeking Social Security Disability or Workers' Compensation, the Law Offices of Clark W. Berry understand that the process can be frustrating, overwhelming and discouraging. The unfortunate reality is that Claimants with genuine disabilities do get turned down. If this happens to you, we will help you navigate through the complex process involved with a Request for Reconsideration, Application for Hearing

Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration grants and generally oversees retirement, disability and survivor benefits. The program is funded you and through mandatory contributions from your employers. Individuals who find themselves disabled can file for Social Security Disability even if they are already involved in a workers compensation or personal injury lawsuit. Although many pay into the system for years, it is quite probable that a claim for Social Security Disability will be denied at the first level. An attorney can help you maneuver through the Social Security appeals process, and can help protect your rights. When you retain us to represent you in your Social Security claim, we work on a "contingency fee" basis. That means our fee comes out of your back benefits if we win, with no money up front for our services. Your initial consultation visit is free of charge.